About Us


Scrub Shop aims to provide affordable medical equipment across Australia to both students and practitioners in all health disciplines.


In July 2018, Charcoal Chicken Scrubs was re-launched as Scrub Shop.

Charcoal Chicken Scrubs was started in 2014 by medical students John and Hannah.

We started out selling textbooks to classmates that we had imported from overseas. We were managing to save our peers over $50 per book whilst still making a small $10-15 profit ourselves. We soon came to realise that it wasn’t just textbooks needed by students, but also diagnostic medical equipment, scrubs and stethoscopes. Hence, we started Charcoal Chicken Scrubs!

Our website is a place where we guarantee top-notch customer service. We keep our margins low to ensure that you get the lowest price possible without sacrificing on quality! We pride ourselves on a great quality product and low prices so that our products are available to all customers.